Jocelyne Sanchez
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About Me

I’m self-taught with 7+ years of experience designing at technology companies. I love design because it allows me to solve real problems in a creative, visually appealing way. From brand new products and features to large-scale redesigns of existing products, my experience working on small design teams has allowed me to contribute to a wide range of projects.

I am currently searching for a new product design role at a mission-driven company with a strong design culture.

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My Principles for Success:

1. Seek balance between quality and efficiency. It’s ok to share unfinished work if it helps me find a better solution more quickly.

2. Value the process over the end-result. A great product is never “final” it should always be evolving, just as technology and people do.

3. Advocate for consistency across experiences. But be open to change where it benefits the team or the user.

4. Never silo myself. Learn all that I can from those around me, no matter how different.


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