Jocelyne Sanchez
Product Design Portfolio



Music Streaming Platform


 I joined Grooveshark—the now extinct music streaming service—just before the start of a major redesign. In the nearly two years it took to launch Stingray, I ended up working on many key areas of the product, designing dozens of iterations of new features and complex user flows, and developing UX skills I never knew I had.


Artists Features

The largest and most complex project I worked on at Grooveshark was redesigning the artist features and functionality, with the overall goal of making it the go-to service for new and emerging artists to share their music and connect with fans. The project involved rethinking the artist account structure, improving artist analytics, and providing artists with a better interface for managing their music and profiles.


Listener Features

When I wasn't working on Artist stuff, I was tackling a long list of listener features that needed to be updated. I designed fully customizable profile modules—which influenced the use of site wide modular design—as well as dozens of empty states and helper tips for an informative new user experience. Other areas I worked on include search, notifications, feed interactions, and sidebar/queue states.


Broadcast Interface

Another big project I was able to work on was redesigning Broadcast—user curated stations that provided a place for music lovers all over the world to listen, share and discuss music in real-time (like Twitch for music). Broadcast was complex enough to be a product on its own, but needed to be designed to work seamlessly within the main site. I kept the same general layout as the profile and playlist pages (left sidebar queue/header/overview/subpages) and added a second sidebar to allow more space for chat without having to hide it in a subpage. My broadcast designs were included in the launch and required many states and interactions for both owner and listener views.


Premium Subscriptions

After a big brand update, the marketing design team in NY wanted to refresh Grooveshark’s paid subscription tier. Grooveshark Anywhere was renamed Grooveshark VIP and the color changed from green to purple. I helped redesign the Upgrade page as well as Subscription pages within user settings. As part of a revenue push, I expanded on these designs to create assets for a Free Trial Campaign, new Checkout and Cancellation flows and our first Paywall dialogues to help increase subscriptions.