Jocelyne Sanchez
Product Design Portfolio



I’m a self-taught designer and advocate of following your own path. I’ve been on a 10-year design journey filled with ups and downs and times of uncertainty, but the thing that keeps me going is my dreamy enthusiasm and unstoppable desire to make the world a more beautiful place.

Up until college, my entire life revolved around ballet. In search of a healthier, more realistic (but still creative) career path, I discovered graphic design and instantly fell in love with the idea of creating beautiful things for people. Without a fine arts background, I finished my degree studying Anthropology and Art History. I loved learning about humanity and cultures and connecting the dots between art and design in my own way. Outside of the classroom I practiced design as much as possible. In under 3 years I had worked my way from internet tutorials and freelance projects to internships with local businesses and a part-time gig designing page layouts and graphics for a popular student newspaper. My natural attraction to branding and print design soon evolved into a passion for web design, which led me to the growing tech startup scene in Gainesville, Florida (thanks to that one super cool internship I had at Grooveshark that became my dream job and eventually my first product design role a few years later).

In my current role at SolarWinds Cloud, I’m more of a generalist on the team as I enjoy both UX and Visual Design work. I’ve also developed a knack for Design Systems as we seek to build more scalable products in the future.

When I’m not designing, you can find me dancing, exploring SF, or seeing my favorite electronic acts live.



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